ravens & radishes: october ravine

from george heathco: ravens & radishes by George Heathco & Misha Penton



Seven brothers are turned to birds and only their little sister can save them...


Ah! so here is where I left it!:
a little grotto nestled in the wet greens
of an october ravine
open to me, rock agape
its sacred seeming granite edge laced
in winter-nude wisteria
I shake and shudder
as I pull my expansive feathered cloak close
its warmth at last! an ebon-aubergine of quills
that shimmer and ruffle and weave
enfolded in my lost skin
I walk out and into the winds
at my back, the Glass Mountain sings
its bluegreenbluegreenblue iridescence
translucent against firmament
unnoticed, six ravens rise
black wings beat a dissonance against mists
whitened by moonlight
and I? I am the seventh
— Misha Penton


from george heathco: ravens & radishes, released April 27, 2014
George Heathco, music
Misha Penton, lyrics and concept

Misha Penton, soprano
George Heathco, electric guitar
Daniel Saenz, cello

Produced by Misha Penton and George Heathco
Recording engineered by Todd Hulslander and George Heathco
Mastered by Paul Connolly of brightbluebeetle

Recorded at The Geary Performance Studio Houston Public Radio
Design and Photo by Misha Penton


all rights reserved



Misha Penton Houston, Texas

Misha Penton is a singer, composer, and filmmaker. Her projects blossom in many forms: live performance, audio projects, video works, site specific / installation performances, visual art works, and writings.

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